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And so we begin…


It is an auspicious day to begin a blog.

Yesterday, my country seemed to shake off of its foundation. Everything went akimbo, off-kilter, awry.

The 2016 election has been tumultuous from the start but I don’t think anyone expected that to be just the beginning of the crazy.  As someone who never dreamt this outcome could become reality, that we would have to call that man President, it is embarrassing and shameful. Some people are gearing up for a fight. I am still finding my footing.

This isn’t meant to be a political story, though. The roots of this blog go much deeper and the content has been brewing for years.  I am a wanderer at heart, rarely settling for long, aways looking past the horizon.  And I’m also a writer, and a reader, finding my words and the words of others to often be the best way to process the world.

This space is designed to bring all of those facets together : Travel, Reading, & Writing

The political situation is not totally off the mark though, as this country is one of my favorite things to explore. Two years ago, after I’d finished working on the film Trainwreck, I needed a break.  Money was limited, but I had plenty of time and gas was cheap.

I set out to explore this messy, awesome, complicated country. I wanted to connect with the history of the country, and I knew that I had to get out of New York in order to do it.  That trip took me to 30 states, introduced me to a huge range of people, experiences, and cultures, and really highlighted so much of the good that Americans have to offer.

It also planted a seed. I must wander in order to thrive. I must travel in order to write and write in order to travel. My soul also expands when I can take a beloved book and put actual, visceral experiences to the words. I want to know how the autumn leaves smell on an Ozark morning when I read Daniel Woodrell and I want to feel my body sway in the wind as it rushes across Heathcliff’s moor.

Of course it’s cheesy. True things often are.  But this gives me a space to explore those moments, write about the world, and look beyond the next four years.


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  1. jmkanter

    30 states – wow! Can’t wait to hear more about that trip (and also the one you will be taking this month)! 🙂

    08 . 12 . 2016

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